Open 4PM Tuesday thru Thursday, Friday at 3PM, Saturday and Sunday at 12PM.

Can you handle 1 Full Hour of non-stop Laser Tag?
Sunday, February 18th, 8PM to 9PM
Only $10 per person!

Lazer Maze is here! Test your skills against friends and see who reigns supreme!

There is no place on land, or in the sea, quite like Atlantis Laser Tag.
Our Chula Vista based laser tag center offers a totally themed environment, based on the lost underwater city of Atlantis.
Our hi-tech arena is the largest multi-level laser tag center in all of San Diego. Players can compete in over 20 different laser tag games. We cater to group events and one of a kind Birthday Parties.

The Arena

Atlantis Laser Tag is home to the largest bi-level laser tag arena in San Diego. Atlantis Laser Tag offers a state-of-the-art designed underwater themed experience. The arena features hovering fog, pulsating music, flashing lasers, fighting warbots and much more. Players feel like they are in the lost city of Atlantis throughout the entire laser tag game.

The Briefing

Your experience begins with a game briefing. In the game briefing room you will be instructed by our friendly staff on how to use the equipment, how to play the game by tagging an opposing player’s vest to score points, how to destroy bases and outposts, how to earn bonus points and power-ups, and any instructions specific to the game format that you are playing. After you have watched the Briefing Video, a few safety rules will be covered and teams will be formed.

The Experience

Each player is equipped with a hi-tech phaser and vest. You walk under the Stargate and your laser and vest activate. Players enter the lost city of Atlantis where the game takes place in a mysterious underwater environment. Let the adventure begin!

Mission Results

Upon completion of your mission, check out the scoreboard to see who’s earned bragging rights. Our system scoreboard shows real-time play-by-play game events and statistics during the mission and summarizes the mission results by displaying the total team scores and individual scores.