School Events


Schools & Camps

$12.00 Per Child (2 Hour Event)


  • Exclusive use of the facility
  • Unlimited Laser Tag Games during the scheduled time.
  • Games begin every 15 minutes and can fit up to 44 players..


School and Break Field Trips:

Monday – Friday, during school hours. Any 2 hour period between 9am to 4pm.


  • Our concession stand will be opened for the duration of your event.
  • Let us know in advance if your kids will be eating here so we will be prepared.
  • Our arcades will be available with games ranging from $.50 to $1.00

Part Science, Part P.E., and A WHOLE LOT OF FUN!

Do you want to make Science and P.E. “come to life” for your students? Atlantis Laser Tag Game Facility has recently opened right here in the South Bay area.

Laser tag is a game/sport where individual or team players score points by “tagging” the opposing individual or team member with a hand-held infrared light emitting device. Each player wears an infrared-sensitive vest. Individual and teams play to tag the opposition and their points are electronically recorded within the computers systems of Atlantis Laser Tag.

California State Science Content Standards, specifically in the Physical Sciences area (elementary/middle school level), require that students:

know energy can be carried from one place to another by waves such as water waves, light waves, sound waves, by electric current, and by moving objects.
understand the concept that light has a source and travels in a direction.
understand the concept that physical principles underlie biological structures and functions:
– know that for an object to be seen, light emitted by or scattered from it must be detected by the eye.
– know light travels in straight lines if the medium it travels through does not change.
– know that white light is a mixture of many wavelengths (colors) and that retinal cells react differently to different wavelengths
– etc.
In Grades 9-12:

Understand the concept that waves have characteristic properties that do not
depend on the type of wave.
understand the concept that: As a result of the coordinated structures and functions of organ systems, the internal environment of a body remains relatively stable (homeostatic) despite changes in the outside environment.
– know how the nervous system mediates communication between different parts of the body and the body’s interaction with the environment.